Fuchsia Earrings in Metal Clay

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Note: Some customers have reported problems trying to download their copy of the tutorial directly onto a tablet. We recommend that you download the video onto a computer. If you wish to view on a tablet, you can transfer the content later.

This is a full length project video (approx. 37 mins) showing you how to make a beautiful pair of earrings out of metal clay. Tracey will take you through the whole process from start to finish including all the materials and tools you will require to complete the project.

This project uses a product that requires kiln firing.

Tracey offers full live support for this tutorial. Simply visit our website where you will find contact details and links to her Facebook page where you can then ask questions and seek further guidance.

Tracey also teaches jewellery making workshops out of her studio in East Yorkshire, UK. But if you are unable to travel or would like to try out metal clay before committing to attend a workshop, this video will be ideal for you. You can try out metal clay at a fraction of the cost of joining a full day workshop.